Definition of syncline in English:



  • A trough or fold of stratified rock in which the strata slope upward from the axis.

    Compare with anticline
    • ‘Complex folding makes detailed interpretations of the geological structure difficult, but the area essentially consists of a large, tightly folded syncline that strikes about N.20 [degrees] E.’
    • ‘At several localities a west-verging footwall syncline has developed as a consequence of westward transport on the overlying thrust sheet.’
    • ‘A series of synclines and anticlines developed within the basin at several localities but most prominently south of the Aghios Georgios fault zone.’
    • ‘A series of transverse anticlines and synclines are observed that have axes orientated NE-SW, approximately perpendicular to the fault zone.’
    • ‘The faults have a systematic geometric relationship with folds, with anticlines in the mutual hanging walls of fault pairs and broader footwall synclines that define the shallow dish forms of the polygons.’


Late 19th century: from syn- ‘together’ + Greek klinein ‘to lean’, on the pattern of incline.