Definition of synclinal in US English:



  • See syncline

    • ‘The tendency towards hydrostatic equilibrium would force magma updip beyond the synclinal axis, and cause the greatest thickness of magma to accumulate at the bottom of the sill.’
    • ‘In the northwestern part of the chain, the arches are neatly separated by the Almazan basin, which has a complex synclinal structure, but they merge towards the SE.’
    • ‘Local unconformities and deposition in the foreland basin and intra-mountain synclinal basins occurred in discrete phases.’
    • ‘Selenite mostly formed in shallow marginal settings and was redeposited into a small remnant basin with a depocentre near the present synclinal axis.’
    • ‘It is distinguished from adjacent terranes of similar age by its open synclinal structure, obviously fossiliferous character, the thickness of essentially conformable strata, and the predominance of volcaniclastic rocks.’