Definition of synchronous motor in US English:

synchronous motor


  • An electric motor having a speed exactly proportional to the current frequency.

    • ‘The tone generator assembly consisted of an AC synchronous motor connected to a gear train which drove a series of tone wheels.’
    • ‘The sources of such energy (e.g., 60 - Hz synchronous motors and transformers) of course are numerous in any building in the USA.’
    • ‘The firm will also showcase its new multispindle machines available with CNC-driven synchronous motors or ball-screw spindles.’
    • ‘A 55-kW three-phase synchronous motor is able to power the vehicle to up to 140 km/hour.’
    • ‘The two vessels are being equipped with four diesel generators which provide more than 2,500kW and use GM synchronous motors with permanent magnets.’


synchronous motor

/ˈsiNGkrənəs ˈmōdər/