Definition of synchronized swimming in English:

synchronized swimming


  • A sport in which members of a team of swimmers perform coordinated or identical movements in time to music.

    • ‘It's like trying to train speed swimmers to do synchronized swimming.’
    • ‘Among water sports, synchronized swimming, diving, crew, and wake boarding were better predictors than boating, fishing, swimming or windsurfing.’
    • ‘There is no men's Olympic synchronised swimming, which makes it something of an anachronism in an age when the Olympic movement is striving rather commendably for gender equality in all of sport.’
    • ‘Last month, I suggested that several sports should be dropped, including synchronised swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, fencing and modern pentathlon.’
    • ‘Today, synchronised swimming is like doing aerobics, gymnastic, acrobatics, all in the water, holding your breath, but also smiling and making it look easy.’
    • ‘In 1907 Annette Kellerman performed water ballet in a glass tank at the New York Hippodrome and synchronised swimming was born.’
    • ‘And for the first time, all 28 Olympic sports will air on TV, even badminton and synchronized swimming.’
    • ‘The four disciplines of aquatic sports, namely swimming, water polo, diving and synchronized swimming are infelicitous and poorly represented.’
    • ‘Debate rages over the sporting merits of synchronised swimming, but it has proved a popular addition to the aquatics programme.’
    • ‘Another outdoor pool, with a capacity of 5,000 seats, will be used for synchronized swimming.’
    • ‘More importantly, femininely stereotyped sports, such as synchronized swimming or field hockey, should receive a level of support comparable to more masculine sports like football or baseball.’
    • ‘I'd eliminate synchronized swimming, rhythmic gymnastics and all team sports but volleyball from the Olympics.’
    • ‘Torres took time to answer a few questions about everything from car racing to synchronized swimming, as well as reveal where she keeps her Olympic medals and who she'd want to play her part in a movie.’
    • ‘In some sports like gymnastics, dressage and synchronised swimming music is integral to the performance.’
    • ‘Congratulations poured in last night for two Russian swimmers who won the gold medal for synchronised swimming at the Olympics in Sydney yesterday.’
    • ‘On Saturday, medals will be handed out in men's and women's 25 km open water swimming, team synchronized swimming and men's 10-meter platform diving.’
    • ‘She is one of 10 postgraduate sports science students at Loughborough University to have won a training scholarship with British Swimming, the national governing body for swimming, diving and synchronised swimming.’
    • ‘One of the most pleasing and appealing of all aquatic sports is synchronized swimming.’
    • ‘About 600 competitors will participate in swimming, diving, water polo and synchronised swimming from Thursday to Saturday.’
    • ‘Or perhaps you can develop a newfound appreciation for synchronized swimming as teams compete for the gold.’


synchronized swimming

/ˈsiNGkrəˌnīzd ˌswimiNG//ˈsɪŋkrəˌnaɪzd ˌswɪmɪŋ/