Definition of synchronism in US English:



  • another term for synchrony
    • ‘The luminous element provided at an intersection of a desired drive line is driven to emit light in synchronism with scanning while scanning the scan lines at a specific frequency.’
    • ‘The entire ballroom was lively, moving in amazing synchronism to the beat of the 7-man band.’
    • ‘The last is a fair statement in particular for those experiments, on which were based Karl Jung's concepts of synchronism and transpersonal consciousness.’
    • ‘He recommended that 10 days should be left out of the year 1582 to bring the calendar back into synchronism with the seasons.’
    • ‘In human adults, many biological functions display a physiological circadian rhythm that oscillates in synchronism with the sleep-wake rhythm.’


Late 16th century: from Greek sunkhronismos, from sunkhronos (see synchronous).