Definition of synchromesh in US English:



  • A system of gear changing, especially in motor vehicles, in which the driving and driven gearwheels are made to revolve at the same speed during engagement by means of a set of friction clutches, thereby easing the change.

    ‘these gearboxes only had synchromesh on higher gears’
    as modifier ‘a synchromesh gearbox’
    • ‘The 6-speed manual gearbox developed for the Volvo S60 R and VT0 R now has made its entry in the Volvo S40 T5 which features triple synchromesh.’
    • ‘A synchromesh feature enables shifting from low to high range at speeds up to 30 mph and from high to low range below 10 mph.’
    • ‘My first car, the one I learnt to drive in, was an NSU Prinz with no synchromesh between first and second.’
    • ‘There appeared to be no breakage so they replaced the synchromesh and charged me £700.’
    • ‘She was coming off the track now, not bothering to downshift; he heard the gears whine into neutral, and recognized the sound of aging synchromesh.’


1920s: contraction of synchronized mesh.