Definition of symphysial in US English:



Anatomy Zoology
  • See symphysis

    • ‘From the anterior tip of the dentary, the symphysial area extends posteriorly along the dental shelf to the level of tooth four and posteroventrally along the anteroventral margin of the dentary to the level just anterior of tooth four.’
    • ‘Anteriorly, the symphysial surface is raised above the adjacent bone and is divided into an upper and lower arm (superior and inferior torus), which meet anteriorly and diverge posteriorly.’
    • ‘The symphysial end of the dentary is too crushed to permit estimation of its proportional participation in the symphysis.’
    • ‘In this view, soft tissues that permitted, and presumably helped to control, these inter-mandibular movements would have occupied the gap between the symphysial surfaces of the dentaries and splenials.’
    • ‘It is relatively durable, so that even in collections of mostly fragmentary material the mandible, and especially the symphysial region, is often recovered in at least partly articulated condition.’