Definition of sympathetic string in US English:

sympathetic string


  • Each of a group of additional wire strings fitted to certain stringed instruments to give extra resonance.

    • ‘After decorating the body comes the attaching of strings to produce pure and perfect notes without any sympathetic strings or tarap as in the sitar or sarod.’
    • ‘Some instruments have as many as 15 sympathetic strings tuned to different notes of the scale.’
    • ‘According to the German musicologist Kai Koepp, the viola d' amore without sympathetic strings existed long before the generally known type described above by Mozart.’
    • ‘Since the late 18th century, most of the music written for the viola d' amore calls for an instrument with seven playing and seven sympathetic strings, tuned in a D major chord, A d a d' f#' a'd".’
    • ‘It has three to four main playing strings and about a dozen sympathetic strings.’
    • ‘Maybe 17 strings, with sympathetic strings, like a sitar.’