Definition of symbology in US English:



  • 1The study or use of symbols.

    • ‘This gradual transformation of the language and symbology was still constrained by world politics, however.’
    • ‘The history of lighting, symbology of lighting, paintings that show various treatments of light… and more.’
    • ‘Then I learned the symbology of the rose, and the history of the symbology and the literature it comprises and my appreciation of the rose became an intellectual one.’
    • ‘Appropriating Jungian symbology, the study argues that, for Page, the imagination is a divine faculty whose figures hint at the completeness embodied in the archetype of the God-image.’
    • ‘Concurrent with this shift is the emergence of the individual psyche, the Self, the subconscious, psychoanalysis, symbology, dream interpretation, Humanism, and the rising popularity of Eastern Mysticism in the West.’
    • ‘There is precious little that is actually enforceable in that document - 8 centuries of laws have superseded it, so this is pure symbolism, but the symbology is important.’
    • ‘Yet, we have never had, nor do we have now, any conclusive proof that the universe is humanly understandable in the first place, much less representable in some reductivist symbology of mathematics or any other language for that matter.’
    1. 1.1 Symbols collectively.
      ‘the use of religious symbology’
      • ‘For example, there appears to be no field or professor of religious symbology at Harvard.’
      • ‘Pirates of the Caribbean in particular recapitulates the symbology of the ancient mystery religions.’
      • ‘The vestiges of pagan religion in Christian symbology are undeniable.’
      • ‘Crescent moons, stars, spades, hammers and indecipherable symbology - the security guy couldn't tell me what they symbolized but the effect is deeply mystical, mysterious, almost Egyptian.’
      • ‘It's a pretty thorough analysis comparing alchemical symbology with dream (and through dream to archetypal) symbology.’