Definition of symbolic logic in US English:

symbolic logic


  • The use of symbols to denote propositions, terms, and relations in order to assist reasoning.

    • ‘But you won't soon see education experts proclaim that ‘the spread of mobile phone text messaging is allowing students to expand their facility with symbolic logic and to apply it in new and creative ways.’’
    • ‘I can't say for sure - in part it may have been due to the shift from the older syllogistic logic (which required a classification to commence inference) to modern set theory and formal symbolic logic.’
    • ‘Discourse communities use language that possesses its own internal symbolic logic, and this places the members of the community in a hierarchical relationship with those of other communities.’
    • ‘In the 1980s, as an undergraduate working toward a degree in mathematics at Drew University in Madison, N.J., she found herself particularly intrigued by courses on symbolic logic and infinity.’
    • ‘It's probably the same reason I like puzzles, and it's no doubt the reason I later excelled in symbolic logic classes.’
    • ‘Scharnberg, who understands mathematics and symbolic logic better than I do, complains about the moral dilemma of some types of Freudianism which claim the sanctity of ‘science’ for psychoanalysis.’
    • ‘There have been a lot of ‘proofs’, some aided by kinds of formal or symbolic logic.’
    • ‘And yet, within the symbolic logic of the play, male narcissism seems to be symbiotically associated with female predation.’
    • ‘An interview in Cabinet magazine with a man who has invented a new form of symbolic logic.’
    • ‘According to Tarski, his theory applies only to artificial languages - in particular, the classical formal languages of symbolic logic - because our natural languages are vague and unsystematic.’
    • ‘These remind one ever so much of tortuous university lectures in symbolic logic on a warm spring day.’
    • ‘Logicians disagree about what additional axioms and revisions are needed to make more of our beliefs about time be theorems of a symbolic logic of time.’
    • ‘Arrow demonstrated through the use of symbolic logic that, under certain clearly specified conditions or norms, collective choices could not achieve outcomes consistent with the diverse preferences held by voters.’
    • ‘He proposes that Boole's symbolic logic and Leibniz's work on language prefigured the development of computers, and complemented capitalism's imperative towards abstraction.’
    • ‘Recall that in 1940 a trial judge in New York disallowed the appointment of Uertrand Russell to teach symbolic logic in the Department of Philosophy of the City College of New York.’
    • ‘Frege was one of the founders of modern symbolic logic putting forward the view that mathematics is reducible to logic.’
    • ‘It needs to be expressed in the perfect language of symbolic logic.’
    • ‘Now that we know all the details of the language of symbolic logic, it's time to actually do symbolic logic.’
    • ‘The book also contains cognitive analyses of various other mathematical concepts such as symbolic logic, geometry, and limits.’
    • ‘Russell commented to a friend, ‘I would much rather, of the two, preserve my relations with symbolic logic.’’