Definition of syllabize in English:



  • Divide into or articulate by syllables.

    • ‘The copybook usually shows how the word is pronounced, accented and syllabized, and how standard spelling rules are invoked to determine its conventional spelling.’
    • ‘They saw the value of the hymns project and ended up doing the writing and syllabizing of the hymn texts.’
    • ‘There are several features that cannot be identified unless the word has already been syllabized and the syllable carrying the main stress identified.’
    • ‘Reading is not only ability to syllabize the word.’
    • ‘When I first met him he syllabised every word, half-word and partial-word.’
    • ‘Bearing in mind the way in which human interjections baffle the average writer, we cannot be surprised at the poor success that crowns the endeavours of the naturalist to syllabise bird notes.’


Late 16th century: via medieval Latin from Greek sullabizein, from sullabē ‘syllable’.