Definition of sycophantically in US English:



  • See sycophantic

    • ‘It is important to know how to laugh sycophantically.’
    • ‘There is a public face to this film which it wears to interact with its audience - a face that is comforting, familiar, sycophantically seeking to reassure us with the empty surprises it assumes we all crave.’
    • ‘He sycophantically tells her, the head of the Women's Studies department, that he wants to learn Japanese in order to translate the verse of "some medieval women court poets".’
    • ‘On the front row only parents, no fashion media darlings gasping sycophantically, scribbling furiously before sharpening their talons and publishing crippling reviews.’
    • ‘It's also sad that these returns are being so sycophantically praised because if you've listened to the records you'll know that despite all the fanfare, not one of them is quite as brilliant as we're being told they are.’