Definition of syconium in US English:


nounPlural syconia

  • A fleshy hollow receptacle that develops into a multiple fruit, as in the fig.

    • ‘Figs (or, more properly, syconia) are hollow multiple receptacles lined with numerous male and female florets.’
    • ‘Excessive pollination by fig wasps from a nearby caprifig tree caused the syconium to split open.’
    • ‘After flower pollination, tiny fruits develop within the syconium, which turns into the ripened fig.’
    • ‘Earlier, at the flower stage, the syconium is the same shape but much smaller.’
    • ‘The caprifig, whose syconia are generally considered to be inedible, is the wild fig of Asia Minor.’


Mid 19th century: modern Latin, from Greek sukon ‘fig’.