Definition of sword lily in US English:

sword lily


  • A gladiolus.

    • ‘They were at one time referred to, as ‘sword lilies ‘or ‘corm lilies ‘, as the plants are formed from round, flattened bulbs, called ‘corms‘.’
    • ‘In fact, one of its early English language common names was sword lily.’
    • ‘Suddenly the old Chinese woman whom I'd walked past on the sidewalk half an hour earlier moved across the window, a tall sprig of sword lily in one hand.’
    • ‘In addition, gladioli have attractive sword-shaped leaves which, by the way, have led to their common name, ‘sword lilies.’’
    • ‘The leaves of the Gladiolus are sword-shaped, hence the common name ‘sword lily’.’


sword lily

/sô(ə)rd ˈlilē/