Definition of sword knot in US English:

sword knot


  • A ribbon or tassel attached to a sword hilt, originally for securing it to the wrist.

    • ‘A young soldier galloped forward to pass her a dragonne or sword knot; some stories say it was a hat plume.’
    • ‘I use it for certain items, primarily sword knots and have had nothing but good experiences.’
    • ‘The sword knot was usually looped though a slot in the guard.’
    • ‘This sword knot is copied after an original in the Jarnagin collection.’
    • ‘The sword is in a brass scabbard and the sword knot is of round gold cord with an acorn tip.’
    • ‘Sometimes it embodied narrower military dandyism, as men sported rolled silk handkerchiefs instead of sword knots, slashed the seams housing the peaks of their caps to make them lie flatter, or shrank berets to eliminate floppiness.’
    • ‘Made from finest top quality metallic and synthetic materials, we manufacture Ceremonial shoulder boards, dress cords and aiguillettes, sword knots, cummerbunds and sashes, gorget patches, chin straps, lanyards and chevrons.’
    • ‘Arms and equipment: gold sword belt (if sash not worn) and slings; gold pouch and belt; sword with steel scabbard; gold sword knot.’
    • ‘The ‘D' shaped buckles and the sword knot are markedly similar.’
    • ‘Cadets had gloves and sword knots.’
    • ‘The sword knot is looped through the guard of the sword, and the hand is placed through the strap.’
    • ‘The sword retains its original decorative sword knot of gold thread.’
    • ‘But I guess no one else did, though British infantry NCO's who rate a sword do have sword knots, except for Scottish infantry.’


sword knot

/ˈsôrd ˌnät/