Definition of sword fight in US English:

sword fight


  • A combat using swords as weapons.

    • ‘Bruce Lee fighting his way up the tower in Game of Death will always be better than sword fight after sword fight.’
    • ‘By hanging the story on this idea, everything else that happens - every swordfight, every desperate skirmish - is given real meaning.’
    • ‘A sword fight in a graveyard is inserted to beef up the action.’
    • ‘It's a funny, action-packed romp brimming with great stunts, swordfights, special effects and the buxom talents of Catherine Zeta-Jones.’
    • ‘The swordfights produce little in the way of excitement or suspense.’
    • ‘Everyone loves to watch the sword-fights in the movies, but not a fencing match.’
    • ‘He finds acting students are quickly receptive to the notion that stage combat training is not a martial art or a sword fight.’
    • ‘Action consists of a series of sword fights where you dispatch groups of henchmen before taking on each of the top 10.’
    • ‘Alice comes across two courtiers having a sword fight.’
    • ‘Nor does this story of epic battles run to a single decent sword-fight, a truly astonishing omission.’
    • ‘It's hard not to like a well-staged sword fight.’
    • ‘He look as though he had had no sword fighting skills in his life, judging by the way he swung he sword so carelessly over his head.’
    • ‘It also features one of the best swordfights ever seen in comics.’
    • ‘In ancient times when the occurrence of a swordfight wasn't too rare, gentlemen trained at a game called foil with the express purpose of learning to duel.’
    • ‘The hours we'd spend in sword fights with home-made wooden swords and shields painted up with the crest of the Black Knight.’
    • ‘He also faces off with Capitan Pasquale in one of the best sword fights in cinematic history.’
    • ‘A swashbuckling sea adventure with loads of derring-do, swordfights, mutinies and good old fashioned maiden rescues.’
    • ‘The characters are great, and the swordfight is atmospheric and suspenseful.’
    • ‘Im only worried about the sword fighting because Im naturally quite clumsy.’
    • ‘Both the opening pirate attack and the closing sword fight are effectively staged, cut, and lit, adding both urgency to the action and heightening tension.’