Definition of sword and sorcery in English:

sword and sorcery


  • A genre of fiction characterized by heroic adventures and elements of fantasy.

    • ‘Tolkien's sword and sorcery epics were turned into the Oscar-winning blockbuster films and recently voted Britain's favourite read.’
    • ‘It is a fantasy film released at the height of the sword-and-sorcery craze.’
    • ‘At first, it looks like a trip into sword and sorcery territory when our heroes end up in a forest just in time to save a fair maiden from an evil wizard.’
    • ‘Fantasy art charms collectors in the art market; from the fairy paintings and pre-Raphaelite brotherhood canvases of the Victorian era to sword and sorcery imagery today, fantasy art is enjoying a revival of collector interest.’
    • ‘It appears that the early 1980s were a kind of watershed for the sword and sorcery fantasy genre.’
    • ‘I'm by no means a lover of the sword-and-sorcery genre, but this just seemed to work well.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, with its campy sword and sorcery adventures, The Barbarian was right at home at the fringe.’
    • ‘In pursuit of an interest in writing fantasy sword and sorcery novels, I began reading New Age and Pagan literature so as to be able to write about these things in a consistent manner.’
    • ‘Imagery that seems to have descended from the 1970s role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons appeared as computerised sword-and-sorcery epics.’
    • ‘While it is far from the worst sword-and-sorcery movie ever made, it leaves a lot to be desired.’
    • ‘While The Return of the King is by far the most epic and ambitious of the three films, in many ways it is also the smallest and the most personal, and that is what vaults it far above all other sword-and-sorcery film-making.’
    • ‘What appeals to them [producers in Hollywood] is the sword and sorcery, the blood and guts.’
    • ‘The resultant journey through North Yorkshire's smuggling past to recover a strange artefact with supernatural powers might sound like familiar sword and sorcery territory.’
    • ‘The 1980s saw Delany devote most of his energy to the even more marginal form connected to science fiction called fantasy fiction or sword and sorcery.’
    • ‘Tolkien is often credited with inventing the sword-and-sorcery epic that has become so popular today.’
    • ‘More recently, it is primarily sword and sorcery that has grabbed our attention, and hyper-realist tales of cybernetic intrigue.’
    • ‘There are moments when you think you are part of a sword-and-sorcery fantasy.’
    • ‘Instead, it depicts a creature far more readily found in the collective imagination of the male contingent of its adolescent target audience, and tells a story almost as implausible as any sword and sorcery epic.’
    • ‘You'll like the way Moore has written a real sword-and-sorcery story within the parody, and how the humor actually makes sense in the context of the tale.’
    • ‘The basketball hero co-starred in this gloriously silly sword-and-sorcery sequel.’
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