Definition of Swiss army knife in US English:

Swiss army knife


  • A penknife incorporating several blades and other tools such as scissors and screwdrivers.

    • ‘I had one relapse two years ago, when I cut myself with a Swiss army knife after an argument with a friend.’
    • ‘There's something very inherently geekishly attractive about slick, multifunctional devices like Swiss army knives and the giant coffee machine.’
    • ‘My hand gripped tightly onto the Swiss army knife in my pocket as I made my way through the trees.’
    • ‘And in both airports, the Swiss army knife on my key chain in my purse went through without a murmur.’
    • ‘The carabinieri accused him of stabbing a police officer when they found a Swiss army knife in his pocket.’
    • ‘I also said that I was tempted to cut the lone orange ribbon in my neighbourhood with my Swiss army knife, but held back.’
    • ‘His locksmith set came out of one of his jacket pockets and unfolded like a Swiss army knife.’
    • ‘You'll need to scrape out his hooves twice a day, and not with that tool on a Swiss army knife if you're fond of your fingertips.’
    • ‘I've been lucky, this weekend, to experience true technological finesse of the Swiss army knife.’
    • ‘Pulling out her Swiss army knife, she flicked out one of the blades and slashed one open.’
    • ‘I get out a Swiss army knife that has a bit of an edge.’
    • ‘Craft scissors, surgical scissors, sewing scissors, corkscrews, Swiss army knives and bottle openers, all available at unbeatable prices!’
    • ‘At a search of his home address detectives recovered a red Swiss army knife, which was similar to the knife used in the attack.’
    • ‘Nervously, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his Swiss army knife and opened the blade.’
    • ‘What does it matter that a thug with a Swiss army knife can be inside in a matter of seconds?’
    • ‘I've had one letter opener seized, two Swiss army knives.’
    • ‘He packed up a small backpack with a few changes of clothes, a book, and his Swiss army knife.’
    • ‘Danko pulled a Swiss army knife from his pocket and opened a small pair of wire cutters.’
    • ‘There are plenty of other souvenirs too, including top-quality chocolate, cheese and Swiss army knives.’
    • ‘The most common items purchased are less exotic, and less expensive - Swiss army knives and regular household cutlery.’


Swiss army knife

/swɪs ˈɑrmi naɪf//swis ˈärmē nīf/