Definition of Swiss in US English:



  • 1Relating to Switzerland or its people.

    • ‘They insisted on the people being consulted in a Swiss style referendum where the details are on the table before, and not after they vote.’
    • ‘Most Swiss youngsters have to choose in their mid-teens whether to pursue competitive sport, education or an apprenticeship.’
    • ‘In 2001 Switzerland imported Bulgarian goods worth some 60 million Swiss francs.’
    • ‘Indians have told time for generations with the finest of Swiss watches.’
    • ‘See the page on card games in Switzerland for further information on games with Swiss cards.’
    • ‘Apart from this company, an American, a French and a Swiss firm had bid for the consulting contract with the Finance Ministry.’
    • ‘It was founded in 1989 with the aim providing local Swiss audiences with quality opera and cantata performances.’
    • ‘The 1950s former Swiss air force trainer jet had flown four times over the crowd before trying to turn when it corkscrewed and plummeted into a ridge.’
    • ‘However, conditions on the mountain are treacherous and a Swiss team has already had two members so badly injured they were evacuated by helicopter.’
    • ‘The Swiss cities of Zurich, Bern and Geneva are the best cities for quality of life, while Luxembourg is the world's safest.’
    • ‘Raised in Pennsylvania, he spent the summers in Switzerland with his Swiss architect father.’
    • ‘A role model for any Swiss woman, Maja was born in Zurich, Switzerland, to doctor parents.’
    • ‘Each household has its own favourite recipe, some containing Swiss cheeses that you're unlikely to see outside Switzerland.’
    • ‘Several other Swiss firms have also incurred substantial losses in the past year, as markets continue to underperform.’
    • ‘The right in Switzerland has grown out of a peculiarly Swiss sensibility which is unlike any other in Europe.’
    • ‘And then there were the two Swiss men in the cell with him; like him they had never been charged - yet they had spent a year and a half in custody.’
    • ‘The seizure is believed to have been prompted by a news item that included photographs of Swiss police officers at a G8 summit.’
    • ‘The Swiss company says it was surprised at the announcement of the one day strike with provisional agreement on the cameras made in March.’
    • ‘As an honorary citizen and permanent resident, the Swiss businessman has been living and working in Shanghai for seven years.’
    • ‘The music was written by a Swiss fan, and then I added the lyric.’
    1. 1.1as plural noun the Swiss The people of Switzerland.
      • ‘There is no reason to resent them, anymore than we resent the Finns for cell phones, the Swiss for watches, or the Russians for vodka.’
      • ‘That experience taught him how hard it will be to sell our expertise to the Swiss and Germans.’
      • ‘Our performances against Russia and the Swiss don't suggest otherwise.’
      • ‘In fact, the Swiss were offered food by the Americans; they refused it.’
      • ‘Indeed the Free French leader apparently asked the Swiss to refuse any extradition requests.’
      • ‘It was built by the Germans and Swiss, who know a thing or two about vaults.’
      • ‘We Brits pay, just as do the Swiss, the Germans and the French.’
      • ‘Sometimes the issues are major, such as when the Swiss voted in March 2002 to join the United Nations.’
      • ‘Showing the right kind of form, victories against Russia and the Swiss should be well within our capabilities.’
      • ‘The Scandinavians, Swiss, and French were particularly quick to see this.’
      • ‘The French were at their one-dimensional worst and the Swiss still couldn't rouse themselves to go for a win.’
      • ‘The Swiss are holding hands for their national anthem, a nice gesture.’
      • ‘We are a six-man team up against the Swiss, Austrians, Swedes and Italians among others.’
      • ‘Why are the Japanese good at making cameras, the Germans at making upmarket cars, or the Swiss at making watches and clocks?’
      • ‘Swiss history is unique in Europe since the Swiss never had a monarchy.’
      • ‘Thankfully this is rather an entertaining match, with the Swiss still causing the French problems.’
      • ‘The Dutch, the French and the Swiss are among those who've had to spell things out.’
      • ‘Will how do you reckon you would have gone against teams like the Germans, Austrians and Swiss in Salt Lake City?’
      • ‘The French, Swiss, Germans, Dutch and Swedes didn't get their seamless transport networks overnight.’
      • ‘The Kiwis had sped past the Swiss on the downwind second leg, and the Swiss pulled the same move for the stunning comeback.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Switzerland, or a person of Swiss descent.

    • ‘The firm was established four years ago by a multi-ethnic trio - a Swiss, a Dane and a Thai.’
    • ‘If a Norwegian or a Swiss ever makes our team, what happens to the flag?’
    • ‘In the kosher Nobel Prizes we have some Brits, some Japanese, Americans and of course a Swiss, but once again, all men.’
    • ‘The missing are thought to include a Briton, a Swiss, a German, five Thais, two Americans, two Australians and three others.’
    • ‘A painting may not resonate with a Maori as with a German; a song in Chinese means nothing to a Swiss.’


Early 16th century: from French Suisse, from Middle High German Swīz ‘Switzerland’.