Definition of swingy in English:



  • 1(of music) characterized by swing (see swing (sense 4 of the noun))

    Related swing
    • ‘The funky basslines and swingy guitars make this song a bit special.’
    • ‘Let's say this is more jazzy, swingy and entertaining, but with a deep sense of meaning hopefully.’
    • ‘The songs were a bit of a departure for King; the blues were certainly in evidence, but the overall flavor leaned toward swingy, jazzy ballads, including some Nat King Cole covers.’
    • ‘For a start, this music is uninhibited, drawing plentifully from the lightweight and somewhat swingy end of the spectrum.’
    • ‘It is easy to draw a comparison between the two - both artists have releases on the same label and both have a penchant for producing deep, heavy jazz-house numbers with swingy beats and cabaret appeal.’
  • 2(of a skirt, coat, or other garment) cut so as to swing as the wearer moves.

    • ‘Chelsea did a quick spin in her swingy, forest green halter dress.’
    • ‘It has thin straps, a figure hugging bodice, and a swingy hemline.’
    • ‘Although he managed to freshen up this look a bit by pairing a fitted ivory jacket with a delightfully swingy chiffon skirt, grand and brand-new statements are not his forte.’
    • ‘Do you think I've forgotten the swingy A-line tailoring, the rich satin lining?’
    • ‘Grab a cosmopolitan, put on a swingy kind of skirt, and dance.’
    • ‘Practical and smart separates like tank tops worn under printed chiffon tops or a pencil skirt worn with a swingy, sharp-shouldered jacket presents an exceptional sense of fashion.’
    • ‘Today, I've got on a new twin set with a black, swingy, knee length skirt, and two inch high, black patent, t-strap shoes.’
    • ‘Sliding her dorm key out of the pocket she had sewn onto her swingy black 50's flapper dress, Gabby was about to shove it into the lock when the door swung open on it's own.’
    • ‘Its princess line flatters the figure with that swingy wide hem and it is an ideal accompaniment to the new feminine dress and skirt fashions.’