Definition of swing vote in US English:

swing vote


  • A vote that has a decisive influence on the result of an election.

    • ‘He was the key swing vote in both cases.’
    • ‘Both sides have spent years preparing for the pivotal battle over who will succeed Justice O'Connor, the critical swing vote on abortion rights and other social issues.’
    • ‘‘You could have been the swing vote in our department,’ he said.’
    • ‘During the last 28 years, Catholics - who make up over a quarter of the total electorate - have proven to be an important swing vote.’
    • ‘She, often described as the all-important swing vote on the court, and her replacement is bound, certainly under the circumstances now, to create a major fight later this summer.’
    • ‘There is also a very inspired black voter turnout, which in fact is the swing vote.’
    • ‘France knows that it is the swing vote on the council.’
    • ‘With polls indicating the ANC will win two-thirds of the vote nationally, the swing vote will not determine the government of the day.’
    • ‘The swing vote is completely incomprehensible.’
    • ‘Last year she was the swing vote in a 5-4 ruling that said disabled people can sue if states ignore a civil rights law on access to courthouses.’
    • ‘Longtime mayor Jack Loucks held the swing vote on the matter and decided to vote in favour of the plan.’
    • ‘A minority can leverage its power by being a swing vote.’
    • ‘Because she was a crucial swing vote on so many cases, many conservative groups are prepared for a bare-knuckled - and possibly ugly - fight over her successor.’
    • ‘Beyond the political swing vote, however, more important and more fundamental to liberating ourselves from dependence is creating an intellectual center.’
    • ‘The owner wants to be in control of that swing vote, which often means the owner is the swing vote.’
    • ‘The moderates hold the swing vote in this country.’
    • ‘The swing vote will be minorities and women in 2004, and the gender gap will be wider than in 2000.’
    • ‘And as so often, Sandra Day O'Connor was the swing vote.’
    • ‘Each of the candidates already has formed his support base in the rightish/leftish wings of society, so both are now attempting to target the so-called swing vote.’
    • ‘A swing vote, he has joined Democrats on some issues.’


swing vote