Definition of swing set in US English:

swing set


North American
  • A frame for children to play on, typically including one or more swings and a slide.

    • ‘Once he got there they went onto her swing set's platform above the slide.’
    • ‘I watched the kids play around in the swing set and the slide.’
    • ‘Donovan led us to the swing set and I slid off his back, straightening my dress.’
    • ‘Won't she ever learn that climbing on the swing set is bad?’
    • ‘Standing under a wooden frame that resembles a swing set, members of the search team shake shallow, rectangular-shaped screen boxes suspended from the top beam.’
    • ‘They are at an old playground - a swing set, an old building, a pair of rickety seesaws, and a simple jungle gym.’
    • ‘I had been riding around on my bike and I rode to a swing set at a small playground next to a road.’
    • ‘She leapt up, and danced back over to the swing set.’
    • ‘That's all great, until one of them falls off the swing set and sues us.’
    • ‘He and Steve went out to the old swing set and sat down.’
    • ‘I sat on the old swing set, and rocked back and forth slowly.’
    • ‘‘There's a park,’ she pointed out as they sped past the rusted swing set and slide.’
    • ‘Up ahead of us was a children's playground, with a metal swing set, a tall slide, a merry-go-round.’
    • ‘There was a small playground covered in sand with a single swing set and a slide.’
    • ‘It has a swing set, a jungle gym, a sand box, and a couple slides.’
    • ‘The site will be cleared, leveled and retaining walls built before a sand pit is constructed along with platforms for the center's swing set and climbing frame.’
    • ‘As he passed the elementary school playground, he turned to look at the swing set on the concrete.’
    • ‘The next day, he and I were sitting on a swing set when I leaned over to plant a kiss on him.’
    • ‘I stood up and walked over to the swing set in the playground.’
    • ‘Behind them is a fairly large playground with a swing set, castle, and jungle gym where more and more children are playing.’


swing set

/swɪŋ sɛt/