Definition of swimsuit in English:



  • A garment worn for swimming.

    • ‘In racing, these swimsuits might help a swimmer swim anywhere from a few hundredths to a few seconds faster.’
    • ‘Typically, only exposed skin is affected - skin not covered by swimsuits, wet suits or waders.’
    • ‘She has a degree in Apparel Design and has designed sportswear and swimsuits for a major manufacturer.’
    • ‘I didn't even pick out a swimsuit because I planned on getting out of swimming somehow.’
    • ‘Dresses, jumpers, pajamas, and swimsuits are popular baby clothes most parents would like to have.’
    • ‘Throw in a couple of swimsuits, caps and goggles, and you're talking another $100 or so per year.’
    • ‘Curiously, all of the women finalists in this event chose to wear classic swimsuits.’
    • ‘There was a time when she wore shorts, tanktops and swimsuits.’
    • ‘Now swap all skates, helmets and padding for flippers, snorkels and swimsuits.’
    • ‘We can finally say goodbye to our woolens and hello to swimsuits and shorts!’
    • ‘The boys insisted on wearing cut-off jeans instead of competitive swimsuits.’
    • ‘What stood out here were the beautifully cut swimsuits and the form-fitting tops and skirts.’
    • ‘She was wearing a swimsuit that consisted of a tunic and a normal bikini bottom, both in hunter green.’
    • ‘This should match with your top, your t-shirt and your swimsuit to create different looks.’
    • ‘In another drawer there was a swimsuit and a leotard and special shorts to go with it.’
    • ‘Without hesitation, the savvy shopper races through the revolving door and picks up sundresses, swimsuits and sandals.’
    • ‘Both women looked dry and comfortable in their custom-made skintight two-piece swimsuits.’
    • ‘Passing by with my daughter, we decided to buy two brassieres and a swimsuit.’
    • ‘Clothing stores experienced a rapid increase in business as people flocked in to buy new shorts, sunglasses, and swimsuits.’
    • ‘After each person had changed to their swimsuits, them met at the station's Olympic size swimming pool.’
    swimming costume, bathing costume
    swimming togs, cossie
    bathers, swimmers
    swimwear, bathing dress, bathing suit
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