Definition of swimming hole in US English:

swimming hole


North American
  • A deep place for swimming in a stream or river.

    • ‘There is also a good swimming hole located 100 yards west of the collecting site.’
    • ‘The land was their life. They grew up as country kids: summers climbing trees and racing to the swimming hole; winters hauling hay bales.’
    • ‘Across the road from our house was a pasture with cows and other animals, and behind our property was a flowing creek that was our swimming hole.’
    • ‘It's time to go for a nice, refreshing dip in the swimming hole in yonder woods!’
    • ‘There are two places next to the road where the reeds of the black river give way, forming natural swimming holes.’
    • ‘Of course, the kids can use it too at your favorite swimming hole.’
    • ‘You've never been more awake as you pop your head and shoulders up out of the swimming hole, spluttering, gasping for air.’
    • ‘Dad dug some steps down to the swimming hole and dug a plank into the sand for a diving board.’
    • ‘We've proven it's better than the swimming holes people swim in.’
    • ‘I went strait towards the back door, around the swimming hole, and towards the hedge maze.’
    • ‘The next day we're at the swimming hole in our swimsuits.’
    • ‘He said he found a small cabin not too far from the swimming hole.’
    • ‘A small group wandered down to a spot on the river that looked like the local swimming hole where they romped around, diving and splashing and fishing.’
    • ‘She, her son, and her sister had the little swimming hole in the cove to themselves.’
    • ‘How about we go to the forest swimming hole after I dump the guards?’
    • ‘There was a place where it widened out enough to form a swimming hole.’
    • ‘We only had about a day ride left when we stopped to camp near a nice swimming hole.’
    • ‘The men in the camp used cement bags filled with gravel to build a swimming hole in the stream and the children spent many hours there in the summer.’
    • ‘Native guides lead you on walks to ancient pictographs, swimming holes, and waterfalls.’
    • ‘While visiting the swimming hole outside of town, our two anti-heroes try to swim deep enough to recover a shiny object the local kids think is a treasure.’