Definition of swept-up in US English:



  • another term for upswept
    • ‘They look the part with their swept-up hairdos and Nicole Cosgrove's period-perfect outfits, and give emotional depth to their characters’ growing self-realisation.’
    • ‘As war drew to a close, women adopted the ‘Victory Roll’, where the hair was rolled up tightly, fixed in place, and topped with a swept-up curl.’
    • ‘They had met once or twice already and he saw that, for all the old lady's natural dignity, the beauty of her eyes, the swept-up silvery hair, her gestures had a long-established habit of self-deprecation.’
    • ‘The season's celebrations are nothing more than swept-up confetti at this point, so perhaps some serious devotion to school is in order, huh?’
    • ‘Old ladies with still - good cheekbones, groomed swept-up hair and a slash of red lipstick are everywhere.’
    • ‘Anything that found its way on to the pavement was quickly swept-up by street cleaners who were mostly old ladies with ancient witch-type brooms.’
    • ‘I loved it for its colorful cover, which depicted a rosy-cheeked woman with swept-up hair and a pristine apron smiling down upon her steaming cook pot.’



/ˌswɛpt ˈəp/