Definition of swept-back in US English:



  • attributive (of an aircraft wing) positioned to point somewhat backward.

    ‘a revolutionary type of airplane with swept-back wings’
    ‘swept-back handlebars’
    • ‘The swept-back windscreen, striking front wings and rising shoulderline of the new car set the sporting tone.’
    • ‘This second object was a much larger craft than the Cessna; in fact the nose of it extended much farther forward of the small swept-back wings than the Cessna.’
    • ‘The A380 can operate on existing runways because, with its swept-back wings, it takes up only slightly more space than a 747.’
    • ‘Six Allison J35-2 turbojet engines slung in pods beneath the swept-back wings gave the prototype Stratojet nimble performance, and helped to validate a design concept still widely used today.’
    • ‘Both the BIB bomber and F - 14 fighter plane pivot their wings from outstretched to swept-back positions.’
    • ‘The Mi - 28A has small swept-back, mid-mounted stub-wings with four suspension units.’