Definition of swelling in English:



  • 1An abnormal enlargement of a part of the body, typically as a result of an accumulation of fluid.

    • ‘An aneurysm is a swelling in part of an artery caused by damage to, or weakness of, a blood vessel wall.’
    • ‘Previously, he had been told the swelling was caused by enlargement of the parotids.’
    • ‘Small berry swellings on the arteries below the brain are a common cause of strokes in younger people.’
    • ‘It appears as a soft swelling in the area of the navel (umbilicus).’
    • ‘A small amount of cloudy fluid was expressed through a central punctum within the swelling.’
    • ‘These articles encompassed a broad range of conditions, including ovarian tumors, hydatid cysts, and other abdominal swellings.’
    • ‘This deficiency interferes with the normal working of the body's immune system and affects the blood vessels in various parts of the body (where the swellings occur).’
    • ‘The differential diagnoses of the swelling, as visualized on MRI scan, were either a post-traumatic seroma or some form of fat necrosis.’
    • ‘Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy displayed Candida esophagitis and a localized swelling of the fundic mucosa.’
    • ‘Often, there is a firm swelling or lump in the area of the tumor.’
    • ‘Three months after the injury the boy presented with a hard painless swelling across the front of the hip which restricted flexion.’
    • ‘An epididymal cyst is a fluid filled swelling of the epididymis.’
    • ‘A 58 year old man was referred to the surgical clinic with a swelling in the natal cleft thought to be a pilonidal mass or abscess.’
    • ‘You may have vertigo because of swelling or fluid in your inner ear.’
    • ‘Fungal infections of the scalp can cause kerions pus filled inflammatory swellings that may look like bacterial abscesses.’
    • ‘The latter form is usually seen in the lateral meniscus due to loose capsular attachment, and appears as a swelling on the lateral joint line.’
    • ‘The palpable swelling at the site of injection is measured and reported as mm of induration.’
    • ‘Pregnancy may cause a localised swelling of the gingival papillae, which may bleed or ulcerate.’
    • ‘An aneurysm is an abnormal swelling or bulge in the wall of a blood vessel such as an artery.’
    • ‘A bunion is a bony swelling on the side of the big toe.’
    bump, lump, bulge, inflammation, protuberance, excrescence, enlargement, distension, prominence, protrusion, tumour, node, nodule
    boil, blister, bunion, carbuncle, wen, sty, welt
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    1. 1.1A natural rounded protuberance.
      ‘the lobes are prominent swellings on the base of the brain’