Definition of swell box in English:

swell box


  • A part of a large organ in which some of the pipes are enclosed, with a movable shutter for controlling the sound level.

    • ‘Basically, the instrument consists of four extended ranks of pipes enclosed in three separate swell boxes.’
    • ‘The analogue technique described above gives an entirely satisfactory imitation of a real swell box.’
    • ‘Unusually, all the pipework except the Choir Organ and the Tuba is enclosed in swell boxes.’
    • ‘A Trumpet rank was mounted en chamade on top of the swell box and was quite unsightly.’
    • ‘This was placed in a swell box, but without shutters so that all stops were reduced to an echo of their normal selves.’
    • ‘On Wednesday, more of the swell boxes, some of the pipe chests, the winding system, and much of the wiring were removed.’
    • ‘You can see the empty spaces to the right and left of the swell box where the pedal pipes would eventually be relocated.’
    • ‘Rodgers’ swell box modeling recreates the frequency changes and phase shifts of sound inherent in the opening and closing of pipe organ swell boxes.’
    • ‘Behind that is the Choir division, enclosed in one of four swell boxes.’
    • ‘The internal framing, swell box and larger wooden pipes are finished in the Harrison house-style paint - a dark brown colour while the zinc trunking has been painted in a gray-green colour.’
    • ‘Both the pipes and speakers are enclosed in a swell box controlled by the left-most expression pedal.’
    • ‘The effect of opening and closing of the swell box varies from pipe organ to pipe organ.’
    • ‘These swell boxes are, in effect, small rooms with louvered fronts, which can be opened and closed by means of pedals at the console.’
    • ‘Organists should note that until the 18th century pedals and swell boxes did not exist on English organs.’
    • ‘If the organ was provided with a swell box (a Spanish 17th-century invention), it would certainly be in the Brustwerk, sometimes in the Oberwerk as well.’
    • ‘The swell box is of somewhat unusual construction, and very large, allowing plenty of room to walk about in.’
    • ‘Here, in Riga, the final result was a 32'-based main pedal and a Piano Pedal in the swell box, which can nevertheless only be played by one pedal keyboard.’
    • ‘The internal structure, including cases for each manual division and the two swell boxes with electrically driven shutters are made’
    • ‘The organ at St. Paul's has a swell box inside the swell box, allowing greater subtlety in dynamics.’
    • ‘Included in the structural alterations has been the enlargement of the shutters in the west front of the swell box to permit greater egress of sound into the nave.’


swell box

/ˈswel ˌbäks/