Definition of sweet violet in US English:

sweet violet


  • A sweet-scented Old World violet with heart-shaped leaves, used in perfumery and as a flavoring.

    Viola odorata, family Violaceae

    • ‘Some climbers flower once a year - heavily in spring. ‘Lady Banks’ is smothered in 1-inch white blooms in spring, filling the air with the fragrance of sweet violets.’
    • ‘Her red hair rolled to a dark blonde and her eyes exploded into a sweet violet.’
    • ‘She anticipates the biggest headache being the wild flowers (cowslips, primroses, sweet violets, daisies, speedwells, wild orchids, wild thyme, chives and marigold), which need to be grown in a sod of bent grass.’
    • ‘Iris is a powdery scent that captures a hint of sweet violets.’