Definition of sweet tooth in US English:

sweet tooth


  • usually in singular A great liking for sweet-tasting foods.

    • ‘Had we the time and the sweet tooth we could have ordered a confection from the counter, anything from a Chester cake to an eclair to a scone with jam and butter.’
    • ‘The kitchen saved the best for last with a modest, yet imaginative selection of deserts to tempt the sweet tooth.’
    • ‘And if you have an insatiable sweet tooth, you dare not leave without sampling Mrs Chef's famous cheese cake.’
    • ‘Three in five people confess to having a sweet tooth and to consuming foods they know are not good for them.’
    • ‘Sugar conditioning starts with baby foods and drinks, and once a child has acquired a sweet tooth, non-sweetened foods are not so attractive.’
    • ‘In shedding the weight, equivalent to more than 40 bags of sugar, Christine overcame a sweet tooth, which saw her balloon to a 26 dress size.’
    • ‘Desserts are, for me, usually a depressing indication that a good meal is ending, not least because I do not have a sweet tooth.’
    • ‘I don't have a sweet tooth, but when I get the urge for cakes, I generally have to call ahead to make sure there's enough wheat and gluten in the world.’
    • ‘Both my brother and I have a sweet tooth and we felt the dessert menu let the restaurant down.’
    • ‘His dark chocolate and maple parfait was more than acceptable too, though the white chocolate sauce was for those who have an exceptionally sweet tooth.’
    • ‘For the active sweet tooth, the dessert menu is long and impressive.’
    • ‘Drinking fresh juice can also satisfy a sweet tooth and eliminate food cravings.’
    • ‘Those with a sweet tooth are well-advised to save room for dessert.’
    • ‘The restaurant does not use sugar, but only its substitutes like jaggery, honey, dates or palm jaggery to tickle the sweet tooth.’
    • ‘I never developed a sweet tooth but have been adventurous with food and drink and have become knowledgeable.’
    • ‘Besides the usual fare, the festival also offers something different especially for people with a sweet tooth.’
    • ‘Junk the junk food and satisfy your sweet tooth with strawberries, cherries, oranges and kiwi fruit.’
    • ‘After a citywide culinary feast hosted at 25 area homes, more than sweet tooths flocked to South Side's Terminal Building for dessert and drinks.’
    • ‘For the average consumer, it seems like a win-win situation, satisfying the sweet tooth and virtually calorie-free.’
    • ‘For Beijing sweet tooths, the chocolate of choice is Dove, a simple British confection that comes in bar form.’