Definition of sweet sultan in US English:

sweet sultan


  • A Near Eastern plant of the daisy family, with sweet-scented flowers, slender stems, and narrow gray-green leaves, cultivated for garden plantings.

    Centaurea moschata, family Compositae

    • ‘It somewhat resemble tiny sweet sultans or bachelor's buttons; but it is a rude, stocky, useless weed, with a stout, hard stem which cumbers the ground.’
    • ‘Books from the 1930's and 40's depict expansive annual gardens, heavy with hollyhocks, nasturtiums, larkspur, sweet sultans and anchusas.’
    • ‘Her neighbors recalled glimpsing a white figure, slightly illuminated by lantern light, kneeling in the darkness above her lobelia and sweet sultans.’
    • ‘Wreaths of phlox decorated each side mixed with candy tuft and sweet sultans.’