Definition of sweet-tempered in English:



  • Not easily irritated or made angry.

    ‘she's such a sweet-tempered, good-natured girl’
    • ‘She was modest and sweet-tempered, a lady in manners and in conduct about whom there was never a word of scandal.’
    • ‘She is sweet-tempered, kind, loving to all her family and always looks to see the best in people.’
    • ‘At fifteen she had been a simple, sweet-tempered farm-girl, well-knit and attractive, with raven-black hair.’
    • ‘Dora was but seventeen, quiet, modest, and sweet-tempered.’
    • ‘They had a large brood of healthy and sweet-tempered children.’
    • ‘Nothing but the greatest provocation could have tempted him; for of all the gentlemen I ever had in my house, I never saw one so gentle or so sweet-tempered.’
    • ‘Nariman's daughter, sweet-tempered, warm hearted Roxana, is the only positive reminder of his ill-fated marriage.’
    • ‘Bestall seems to have been almost unnaturally good: generous, sweet-tempered and patient.’
    • ‘His wife was complacent and sweet tempered, relying completely on her husband's judgement.’
    • ‘Several of the ladies besides Mrs. Havens had taken a great fancy to her, for she had proved herself so sweet-tempered and engaging.’
    • ‘My captain, a sweet-tempered, twenty-something fisherman thrilled to be earning some unexpected bucks, suddenly killed the engine.’
    • ‘She was a very lovable, sweet-tempered girl, nearly always ready to listen, and to assist him in any way that she could.’
    • ‘He would not call her sweet-tempered or well-mannered.’
    • ‘Both of my parents doted on her and she grew up, while sweet-tempered, kind and generous, having learned to heed only her own opinions and desires.’
    • ‘He recently married a sweet-tempered and amiable young woman from Bath, and has been so troublesome and cruel to her, that she is almost always in tears before him.’
    • ‘Jimmy McGlone, a childhood buddy of Brian's, is a stout, sweet-tempered man who talks in bursts.’
    • ‘I admired Catherine greatly for her constancy and sweet-tempered attitude about life.’
    • ‘Now in pre-school, Emmy is a sweet-tempered child with her father's broad smile, out-of-control curls and strong will.’
    • ‘Clarendon remarked that he was 'universally acceptable and beloved' and he seems to have been sweet-tempered and conciliatory.’
    • ‘No matter how sweet tempered your mare, it is very important that any stallion you are considering have an excellent disposition suitable to your discipline.’
    kind, kindly, tender, benign, humane, lenient, merciful, forgiving, forbearing, sympathetic, considerate, understanding, clement, compassionate, benevolent, kind-hearted, tender-hearted, good-natured, loving
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