Definition of sweep something away (or aside) in US English:

sweep something away (or aside)

phrasal verb

  • Remove, dispel, or abolish something in a swift and sudden way.

    ‘Nahum's smile swept away the air of apprehensive gloom’
    • ‘He put a new deal for cities on the table for all Canadians just last year and then, quicker than one could have imagined, he swept it away.’
    • ‘But then he grew weary, and in one swift blow he swept the small city away with the back of his hand.’
    • ‘Although the task of finding bodies continues and hundreds of thousands of survivors are still traumatised by the monstrous waves that swept their world away, officials said it was time to rebuild.’
    • ‘The DC Circuit Court also ignored the long history of battlefield reporting in its decision, sweeping it away with a concluding statement that such a history does not really exist.’
    • ‘When they were accepted into the League of Ireland in 1985, public enthusiasm swept every other barrier away.’
    • ‘I suppose singing of his personal paradise swept his mind away from the dull repetition of knotting and unknotting countless little squares of fish net.’
    • ‘That could very well have snapped the ropes and swept the boat away.’
    • ‘Before they could get back up the mountain, the wave came back and swept them away.’
    • ‘During my time what I saw was a company sweeping numerous cobwebs away out of sight and failing to address real issues of business improvement.’
    • ‘The work wasn't ‘finished’ when the show ended, and he swept the whole thing away, but that, I think was part of the point.’