Definition of sustainably in US English:



  • 1In a way that can be maintained at a certain rate or level.

    ‘a firm's ability to grow sustainably and profitably’
    ‘sustainably low prices’
    • ‘Lower unit costs allow sustainably lower prices to customers.’
    • ‘It symbolizes the commitment he and his wife made to run that business sustainably.’
    • ‘The fund focuses on companies with sustainably high cash flows.’
    • ‘We will keep the rentals as low as sustainably possible.’
    • ‘The government will continue to work alongside stakeholders on policies and initiatives to lift growth to a sustainably higher plane.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that avoids the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.
      ‘an increasing emphasis on finding means of living sustainably’
      ‘sustainably managed forests’
      ‘locally, sustainably grown food’
      • ‘The country needs to work a lot harder to try to find ways to live sustainably with its own land.’
      • ‘Living sustainably requires the use of renewable energy, consuming less, reducing waste and recycling more.’
      • ‘This is sustainably produced organic salmon with a low oil content.’
      • ‘They've been farming sustainably since the early 1980s.’
      • ‘It took a long time to learn how to farm salmon properly and sustainably.’
      • ‘Much of the food on offer is organic or sustainably produced.’
      • ‘Most of us believe that living sustainably is a responsible thing to do.’
      • ‘Water resources must be conserved and used sustainably.’
      • ‘Interior wood paneling comes from certified sustainably managed forests.’
      • ‘Where has that water come from and was it sustainably harvested?’