Definition of suspensive in US English:



  • 1Relating to the deferral or suspension of an event, action, or legal obligation.

    • ‘Consequently the suspensive veto passed overwhelmingly on 15 September.’
    • ‘The appellant's removal to Germany was cancelled and Germany was informed, yet again, that the appellant would not be keeping the arrangements that had been made and that he had initiated suspensive legal proceedings.’
    • ‘In these circumstances it was understandable that the deputies would err on the radical side when deciding to award the king no more than a suspensive veto, to establish a single legislative assembly and to abolish all titles of nobility.’
    • ‘The 1911 Parliament Act reduced the Lords' power to a suspensive veto of two years, and gave the House of Lords no authority over financial legislation.’
  • 2archaic Causing suspense.