Definition of suspend disbelief in US English:

suspend disbelief


  • Temporarily allow oneself to believe something that isn't true, especially in order to enjoy a work of fiction.

    • ‘Though the older ones might know very well that the characters are just ordinary persons in disguise, they are ready to suspend disbelief and enjoy themselves along with the rest.’
    • ‘Feature films invite us to defy reality, believe a fiction, suspend disbelief.’
    • ‘She was a very believably shy, sweet, funny Cinderella, and you did not have to suspend disbelief to accept that the men of the chorus were literally bowled over when she arrived at the palace in Act II.’
    • ‘It's not like superheroes, where an essentially silly subject has a huge cultural resonance allowing an audience to suspend disbelief.’
    • ‘For a couple of days, even respectable members of the scientific community were suspending disbelief.’
    • ‘Unlike the normal convention of being seated in a theater, one can go up close and for a brief moment suspend disbelief to experience the thrill of the phantasmagoria - the disorienting effect of the wall falling toward you.’
    • ‘The guy is an artist and he inspires his audience not only to suspend disbelief but also, like all great showmen, to believe.’
    • ‘For anyone who willingly suspends disbelief, it is an easy matter to enter into the world of pyramids.’
    • ‘Reading fiction requires the ability to suspend disbelief, to dream, and that's a critical faculty that we all need to exercise.’
    • ‘As with most Hollywood films, you suspend disbelief in order to enjoy them, knowing that they would pop under the slightest examination.’