Definition of survivorship in US English:



  • 1The state or condition of being a survivor; survival.

    as modifier ‘a survivorship clause’
    • ‘The book is written by her and her husband, and is an interesting work of cancer survivorship.’
    • ‘We appreciate your support in spreading the word about cancer survivorship and research by giving the wristbands away.’
    • ‘Dr Mike Sullivan talks to us about late effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and also about things that were all under the theme of survivorship after cancer.’
    • ‘She is particularly interested in cancer survivorship and health disparity issues.’
    1. 1.1Law A right depending on survival, especially the right of a survivor of people with a joint interest to take the whole on the death of the others.
      • ‘One is called a joint tenancy with right of survivorship.’
      • ‘Alternatively, you and your husband could hire a lawyer to prepare a new deed for the home that states that the two of you own it as joint tenants with rights of survivorship.’
      • ‘If you hold ownership of securities jointly with another person and give that person right of survivorship over them, the securities will pass directly to that person upon your death without having to go through probate.’
      • ‘It was held that the presumption of a resulting trust in her favour (and therefore of her estate) was rebutted, and that the nephew was entitled to the balance on the account by survivorship.’
      • ‘Indeed, on the day before the testator dies he could have vested all his property jointly with his son, for example, and it would have passed by survivorship.’