Definition of surge tank in US English:

surge tank


  • A tank connected to a pipe carrying a liquid and intended to neutralize sudden changes of pressure in the flow by filling when the pressure increases and emptying when it drops.

    • ‘We also supply braided lines, anodised fittings and surge tanks for all applications.’
    • ‘Dedicated surge tanks are required when intermittent peak loads of condensate can exceed the surge capacity of the deaerator.’
    • ‘The system will feed into a large surge tank, which will supply nitrogen directly to the gates.’
    • ‘After cooling, the milk travels to pasteurized surge tanks and is later pumped to the product fillers.’
    • ‘The surge tank acts in the same manner as a swirl pot, supplying an even flow of fuel to the injectors.’
    • ‘This creates a bit of back pressure in the pipe, allowing the water level in the upper surge tank to rise a bit higher and thus start the siphon.’
    • ‘Their tanks are equipped with smaller access openings, making it difficult to service the safety foam, clean the tank, or add surge tanks, baffles, pumps and pickups.’
    • ‘Older pools with deteriorated metal surge tanks are frequently faced with limited access to the filter room.’
    • ‘From here, if the surge tank is full, fuel is returned back to the main fuel tank.’
    • ‘Accordingly, it is the object of this invention to provide a simple, space-efficient surge tank for air motors.’
    • ‘The pump continues delivering water into the surge tank and the cycle repeats itself.’
    • ‘Unlike septic tanks, greywater surge tanks are often empty and experience tremendous buoyant lift under saturated soil conditions.’