Definition of surfing in US English:



  • The sport or pastime of riding a wave toward the shore while standing or lying on a surfboard.

    • ‘While Morgan didn't have any idea what the ‘rush’ would feel like, he thought it seemed like a suitably vague term for the sport of surfing.’
    • ‘Her parents moved over to the islands in the late sixties and fell in love with the sport of surfing.’
    • ‘The key concept in catching waves in all forms of surfing is to try to match approaching wave speed.’
    • ‘The event was the men's open division and the top surfers took advantage of favourable conditions with some high scoring rides and explosive surfing on the big waves.’
    • ‘The sport that mixes elements of kite flying, wind surfing and surfing has grown rapidly over the past five years.’
    • ‘What they gave us is their snapshot look at contemporary surfing, for good or ill.’
    • ‘This was, of course, the one period in surfing which saw the most radical change.’
    • ‘What we have here is an examination of the impact of surfing on the lives of several men and women.’
    • ‘As the final went on, perhaps an hour in length, the present and future of surfing were on display.’
    • ‘One of my favorite sports of summer, surfing has its strong points and fantastic features that many non-surfers do not know about.’
    • ‘Is this really the extreme to which the high life of surfing has finally been reduced?’
    • ‘Though it sounds intimidating at first, Addison insists that river surfing is an accessible sport with the right introduction, which he gives.’
    • ‘Coffs Harbour is a pretty little town in which surfing is the sport of choice.’
    • ‘The wide world of surfing made the front page of the Los Angeles Times this morning.’
    • ‘His perception of surfing is as the sport and lifestyle should be, positively happy.’
    • ‘Madeira has a host of water sports options including surfing and water skiing.’
    • ‘However, despite that the sport of surfing continues to grow in popularity.’
    • ‘The power and performance level that Laird has brought into the sport of surfing is unparalleled.’
    • ‘Waves do bash its shores, and there is great surfing year-round.’
    • ‘Riding boards in a prone position has been around probably longer than stand-up surfing.’