Definition of surficially in US English:



  • See surficial

    • ‘Thereafter, with the jamb positioned in the wall, the jamb is plumbed and the external arms of the clips are surficially attached to the wall longitudinally.’
    • ‘Manganoan calcite is commonly surficially altered to a grayish-black to dull-black color; this matter has not been investigated in detail.’
    • ‘The chalcopyrite is mostly surficially altered to chrysocolla, tenorite, and limonite.’
    • ‘Three configurations of broadband seismic instruments were deployed: a borehole seismometer, a sensor buried surficially in the sediments, and a sensor resting on the seafloor.’
    • ‘Numerous newly collected ‘star cobbles’ from Georgia have siliceous spicules preserved surficially and internally.’