Definition of surface boundary layer in US English:

surface boundary layer


  • The lowest layer of the earth's atmosphere extending to about one kilometer. Winds within it are affected by friction with the earth's surface.

    • ‘There is a relationship between physical properties and nutrients below the surface boundary layer.’
    • ‘The lowest level below 50m, which is strongly affected by the physical roughness and temperature of the surface, is called the surface boundary layer.’
    • ‘The final deliverable will be a complete end-to-end system for the assessment of important physical and biological parameters in the surface boundary layer, from gathering the data to the evaluation of surface boundary layer processes.’
    • ‘Instead, it must be calculated from data collected in wind tunnels or measured in the surface boundary layer at sea.’
    • ‘The geometric scale of the simulated surface boundary layers was estimated as 1/250 according to roughness length.’