Definition of surface-mount in US English:



  • (of an electronic component) having leads that are designed to be soldered on the side of a circuit board that the body of the component is mounted on.

    • ‘Under the nickel-finished, heavy brass body is a modern, double-sided board with low-noise FET electronics in a combination of axial and surface-mount components.’
    • ‘With a width of 11 mm, the unit can be mounted with standard bodies configured for surface-mount or tube connections.’
    • ‘Available in standard-pitch, fine-pitch, memory, and plastic-leaded-chip-carrier/pin-grid-array models, these kits contain a variety of chips used to convert surface-mount components to through-hole devices.’
    • ‘The regions can be set to change automatically when performing inspections for objects of varying sizes, such as surface-mount components.’
    • ‘Lumex has announced a family of surface-mount technology LEDs that offer protection from electrostatic discharge.’
    • ‘The circuitry is all surface-mount so repairs become very difficult.’
    • ‘The baseboard uses surface-mount manufacturing and traditional technology.’
    • ‘A broad array of items is featured on page 32, from a photocurable adhesive and membrane switch to a surface-mount pressure sensor.’
    • ‘Combined with tiny surface-mount passive components, flip-chips allow complex electronic assemblies in final packages that are extremely small.’
    • ‘Leakage is another issue that affects newer compact capacitors, causing some surface-mount types to fail at the rubber seals.’
    • ‘For surface-mount devices, a lower melting-point solder is used, which is softer than the 60/40 lead/tin combo of the vacuum tube era.’
    • ‘Toshiba Electronics has introduced two surface-mount chipsets that are claimed to simplify the task of designing CD modules for use in vehicle audio applications.’