Definition of support level in US English:

support level


Stock Market
  • A low price level for a security or commodity below which prices do not ordinarily fall.

    ‘silver traded down to the support level last week but managed to bounce back quite quickly’
    • ‘It is best to place the stop-loss point below key support levels, or at a set percentage.’
    • ‘The market may have found a support level and buyers could be tempted back.’
    • ‘Take a serious look at the support levels before jumping into the short selling forum.’
    • ‘"Oil prices are considered to have an approximate support level of $30 per barrel for at least the medium term," he said.’
    • ‘A technical analysis by suggests that the stock could fall back towards its key support level of £5.67.’
    • ‘City pundits, keen to get you to trade more, will no doubt continue to pluck short-term price targets and price support levels out of thin air.’
    • ‘The break through a key support level saw the sell-off accelerate very quickly as stops got taken out.’
    • ‘Wholesale butter, milk powder, and cheese prices have been struggling all year to stay above price support levels.’
    • ‘A trader might set a stop-loss for his active trade if a support level is broken.’
    • ‘"It does look as though the market is going to search back for a support level," said the managing director.’