Definition of superuser in US English:



  • A user of a computer system with special privileges needed to administer and maintain the system; a system administrator.

    • ‘The book also emphasizes administrative security duties with discussions of system accounts, logging, superuser safety and secure network services.’
    • ‘File and process protection will guard even against root superuser changes.’
    • ‘Giving superuser capabilities to regular users is serious business.’
    • ‘However, the students require superuser access to perform even the most basic system administration duties.’
    • ‘This is good healthy paranoia: we don't want to have to log in as the superuser for mundane activities such as viewing system reports, which are sometimes e-mailed to root.’
    • ‘In this case, the superuser is known as the SysOp, or system operator.’
    • ‘It's best to run these as the superuser, because only root is allowed to invoke real-time priority.’
    • ‘It doesn't show you the correct rights, it doesn't allow you to change them (not even with superuser power) and it doesn't let you delete users.’
    • ‘Also, because A and B have superuser privileges, we have to wait for them to say okay to this sleep transition before it proceeds any further.’
    • ‘In practice, however, on most systems you have to be logged on as the superuser or temporarily become that user in order to do anything important.’
    • ‘As a result a maliciously constructed message might allow hackers to execute arbitrary commands on a target system with superuser privilege.’
    • ‘Indeed, in many cases those committing significant frauds against a company must obtain unauthorized or superuser access to IT systems in order to either perpetuate the frauds or conceal them.’
    • ‘If no errors were reported by the make process, become the superuser by typing su root and entering your root password, then type make install.’
    • ‘A properly exploited buffer overflow could allow a hacker to gain root, or superuser, access to a Sendmail server.’
    • ‘The superuser is often a privileged user who has unrestricted access to the whole system, all commands and all files regardless of their permissions.’
    • ‘The superuser can do this whether you choose to accept messages or not.’