Definition of supertitle in English:



usually supertitles
North American
  • A caption projected on a screen above the stage in an opera, translating the text being sung.

    • ‘But the supertitles were vulgar in the truest, etymological sense of the word, reducing to an un-lyrical, un-metrical, oversimplified and prosaic English what is, after all, poetry in the German.’
    • ‘The substance of what they were saying was so clear it might have been projected in a supertitle: ‘You're the greatest!’’
    • ‘A brief supertitle IDs him as a ‘National Taxpayers Union Employee,’ but that's it.’
    • ‘Despite that helping hand, the stunning orchestral playing, and flashed supertitles above the orchestra, the opera finally emerged as little more than a curio, a theatrical abstraction for connoisseurs only.’
    • ‘As a student, we often went to Opera North, who perform in English, without supertitles.’
    • ‘Neophytes are advised to close their eyes and listen to the music (remarkable by any standards) but not to read the supertitles.’
    • ‘Usually performed with a large orchestra (it's orchestrated for 111 musicians), the AVA's production (sung in German with supertitles in English) will have only piano accompaniment.’
    • ‘The supertitles fail for the whole of the long first act, which lays out the opera's complex raison d'être.’
    • ‘Although all the verses used have been translated into English (if they weren't originally written in that language), there will also be projected supertitles.’
    • ‘Wagner's The Flying Dutchman, sung in German, will feature English supertitles and women dancing Denni Sayers's choreography on pointe in the last act.’
    • ‘Proponents of opera in English - ‘Richard III’ was written in English and performed with Flemish supertitles - argue that if only singers enunciate clearly and conductors keep the orchestra under control, words will come through.’
    • ‘The courtroom drama, in which he plays multiple characters, will be presented with French supertitles.’
    • ‘The supertitles failed in the first act, making an austere production seem positively grim.’
    • ‘The rather crude lighting did us one service: It sometimes made reading the supertitles harder, and spared us a few platitudes like ‘I'd rather die than live dishonored.’’
    • ‘You may also read the translations on supertitles above the action and on side titles embedded in the wings of the set.’
    • ‘The Manhattan musicians handled the dialogue skilfully, but stretches of it were inaudible, and poorly lit and barely legible supertitles did not provide much help.’


[WITH OBJECT]North American
  • Provide (an opera) with supertitles.

    • ‘All plays are either in English or supertitled.’