Definition of supersymmetric in US English:



  • See supersymmetry

    • ‘Heterotic string theories are supersymmetric string theories living in ten spacetime dimensions.’
    • ‘Particle physicists tend to think that dark matter could consist of supersymmetric particles that are very heavy but couple very weakly to the particles observed in accelerators now.’
    • ‘In little-Higgs theories this symmetry, the analogue of symmetry between bosons and fermions in supersymmetric theories, is a so-called nonlinearly realized symmetry.’
    • ‘One of the reasons particle and string physicists have liked supersymmetric theories is that they predict zero total vacuum energy, because the fermion and boson vacuum energies cancel each other out.’
    • ‘In supersymmetric theories all bosons have a fermionic superpartner and vice versa.’