Definition of superstring in US English:



  • A subatomic particle in a version of string theory that incorporates supersymmetry.

    • ‘We still don't know the fundamental M theory, but a lot has been learned about the eleven-dimensional M theory and how it relates to superstrings in ten spacetime dimensions.’
    • ‘Uniting these two different symmetries is highly nontrivial and leads us directly to supersymmetry and superstrings.’
    • ‘When fermions are added to make superstrings, the mathematics becomes more complicated but the structures and symmetries become more rich.’
    • ‘The current great excitement amongst theoretical physicists for superstrings has arisen because this idea provides the first good candidate for a Theory of Everything.’
    • ‘Despite recent encouraging possibilities that superstrings might have observable effects at the TeV scale, string theory remains an almost exclusively mathematical activity isolated from any serious threat of experimental test.’