Definition of superstore in English:



  • A retail store, as a grocery store or bookstore, with more than the average amount of space and variety of stock.

    • ‘After seven years, he/she moved on to an office superstore retailer as senior vice president and then accepted his/her present position.’
    • ‘For anyone wishing to venture beyond these names, the ever-expanding back-catalogue section of music superstores can seem a forbidding place.’
    • ‘British consumers have enjoyed the benefits of far cheaper food and goods than their Irish counterparts due in part at least to the economies of scale afforded by big superstores.’
    • ‘We've built an entertainment network and superstore, which, to me, was a natural extension.’
    • ‘Smaller retailers like the rule, because it protects their businesses from superstores, but economists and consumers' rights groups argue that it merely helps retailers to rip off their customers, keeping prices artificially high.’
    • ‘Some of the superstore brands are clearly destined for a fall.’
    • ‘My partners and I have done extensive research and developed a comprehensive business plan for a new type of superstore.’
    • ‘You can go down to any computer superstore and buy a 20 Gig drive for $120; if we assume the drive will last four years, that's $0.0001 per MB.’
    • ‘Will franchising fertilize growth for this floral superstore?’
    • ‘The people who work at these big pet superstores aren't required to know anything about pets.’
    • ‘Now he is focusing his attention on creating used car superstores with the same clientele.’
    • ‘It is the largest of the three national office superstores, which together have a market of $27.8 billion.’
    • ‘Mainly comprised of mom-and-pop stores and private veterinarians in 1993, pet care has grown to a $23 billion industry of superstores and medical organizations.’
    • ‘Whole categories that once seemed so promising, like sporting goods superstores, have been decimated.’
    store, retail store, outlet, retail outlet, reseller, cash and carry
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