Definition of superstitious in US English:



  • Having or showing a belief in superstitions.

    ‘many superstitious beliefs and practices are connected with sneezing’
    • ‘Anne Marie was illiterate, addicted to schnapps and immensely superstitious.’
    • ‘His attack on the popular superstitious practice of turning the mezuzah into an amulet is particularly sharp.’
    • ‘Abigail is partly to blame for the superstitious rumours.’
    • ‘I uncovered lots more money superstitions, including embedding silver coins in Christmas puddings, the tooth fairy, and the fact that actors are superstitious about using real money on stage.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the company said, ‘I am superstitious about giving specific times as there are too many unknowns at the moment.’’
    • ‘In India, the great 12 th-century poet-mystic Basava, who rebelled against ritualistic and superstitious temple worship and caste system, was a critical insider.’
    • ‘And, unable to discover causes, he is either harassed by superstitious dreams, or quietly and passively submitted to the mercy of nature and the elements.’
    • ‘Everything for me was part of a grand routine, and if that routine was ever broken, I was superstitious enough to think that the rest of my day would be disastrous.’
    • ‘What are you doing because of some irrational superstitious belief that may have been affecting your life for years?’
    • ‘He went on to say that belief in medicines demonstrated the nature of the superstitious mind.’
    • ‘Some cultures are much more openly superstitious.’
    • ‘She escapes him because he is superstitious and cowardly, so when she tells him his ancestors said he would die if he stayed married to her, he was happy to let her leave and gave her enough money to go to America.’
    • ‘The related departments have closed 1,278 illegal web sites and 114 sites promoting gambling, superstitious activities and cult propaganda according to the information provided by the informers.’
    • ‘He had stared into the misshapen shadows of deep night with superstitious wakefulness, and by the time the darkness lifted, he could feel the liquid weight of the infection in his lungs.’
    • ‘Even if the occupants of the building harbour no superstitious beliefs, customers can be lost and predictions of bad luck and misfortune can result by neglecting the demands of feng shui.’
    • ‘Instantly classified as a demon, the stranger is harried, persecuted and all but executed by the superstitious islanders.’
    • ‘They've become a superstitious, cowardly lot.’
    • ‘This may be because of a superstitious belief that making a will hastens your demise.’
    • ‘How often had I heard talk of superstitious idiots, often relatives, who worshipped a God they didn't have the brains to doubt?’
    • ‘And so we are western, scientific, modern; and India we see as a primitive, irrational, superstitious place.’
    mythical, irrational, illusory, groundless, unfounded, unprovable
    credulous, prone to superstition
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