Definition of supersize in US English:



  • Larger than average or standard sizes; extremely large.

    ‘a pair of supersize sunglasses’
    • ‘In today's environment of unregulated pro forma calculations and supersize write-offs, no question is more important to investors.’
    • ‘Why waste a supersize cut when a smaller one will do?’
    • ‘This supersize moisturizing soap is attached to a grade-A natural loofah.’
    • ‘Instead of creating entirely new business models, post-merger supersize companies prefer to use their new bulk to coast on the fumes of past glory and brand name.’
    • ‘Big punch bowls make supersize serving vessels.’
    • ‘But in an era of supersize burgers and fries that we can purchase without leaving our cars, our innate ‘thriftiness’ can give rise to gluttony and sloth.’
    • ‘The supersize approach works for some of the songs, but by and large, these tracks suffocate under overambitious arrangements.’
    • ‘Flatness is all, with the pale grey epidermis of the concrete peeled away in places to reveal supersize frameless vitrines.’
    • ‘Built in Detroit in 1964-71, they have relatively small bodies for their supersize motors.’
    • ‘And the original order of McDonald's fries, at 200 calories, pales next to today's 610-calorie supersize fries.’
    • ‘To try it at home, you'll need three pairs of supersize flesh-coloured tights, the rubber teats of two baby bottles and the corner of an old doormat.’
    • ‘The idea is that they're like some sort of next-generation supersize personal organiser, except they have the power and possibilities of a laptop, including the software.’
    • ‘We just get a bigger waistline in our big cars, with our supersize fast food, and our big-screen TVs.’


[with object]
  • Greatly increase the size of.

    ‘click here to supersize the picture’
    • ‘I'm sure he would have eventually supersized that burger idea.’
    • ‘He purposely tries to imagine an America so supersized that it could never be possible.’
    • ‘The biggest profit-margin gains came in two comparatively low-margin sectors: energy and materials, which continue to benefit from supersized jumps in oil and commodity prices.’
    • ‘And while you're reading, please supersize the popcorn.’
    • ‘While some restaurants are still into supersizing, the overall trend is toward smaller portions.’
    • ‘Overweight slobs sip from supersized jugs of Coke and dudes wander about with mullets and farmer's tans.’
    • ‘Eagle Sentry had a supersized canvas to work with in creating this hidden high-tech masterpiece.’
    • ‘Jamieson, Executive Director of Human Resources, was thrillingly promoted to VP of HR, with attendant supersizing of salary.’
    • ‘And it's not just adults who are supersizing themselves.’
    • ‘Instead of trying to supersize their sound, they strip their surroundings down to their level.’
    • ‘Wal-Mart has been willing to try all sorts of new things - from creating supersized grocery stores to selling cars.’
    • ‘If you eat more after a hard workout, it's probably because you've convinced yourself that you deserve a reward - but supersizing your meals is a reward your body doesn't need.’
    • ‘But the Super Bowl, being much more than a regular NFL game, requires supersized security, with a budget to match.’
    • ‘Abandon your diet for heavenly, buttery, supersized, secret-recipe apple pancakes at Walker Brothers Original Pancake House.’
    • ‘It was a supersized road trip, in search of… what?’
    • ‘Now she has retuned to save us from our fat selves and our love of supersized fries.’
    • ‘The supposed villains here are fast-food restaurants and food companies that have supersized us to corpulence.’
    • ‘If this is a company's growth strategy, then it makes sense to provide supersized option grants that motivate the CEO to achieve aggressive stock price growth.’
    • ‘But if you want a desktop-replacement notebook that will only travel on rare occasions, it might be time to supersize your mobile gaming experience.’
    • ‘Without further ado, here are three ways to supersize your savings.’